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No separate, specific rules for interim injunctions and preservation of evidence related to IP rights in Poland – does this conform with EU law?

Polish copyright law, the Polish Industrial Property Act and the Polish Database Protection Act do not set out separate rules for the protection of claims and preservation of evidence from those provided for in the Polish Code of Civil Procedure. This means that persons seeking precautionary, preliminary protection of IP rights need to demonstrate the general premise, i.e. that absence of protection of this kind will prevent or severely hamper the enforcement of a future judgment or otherwise prevent or severely hamper achievement of the aim of the proceedings. When seeking preservation of evidence, it needs to be demonstrated that it is not possible or it is too difficult for evidence to be delivered without such preservation. Mere demonstration of existence of the IP rights that are to be protected on an interim basis is not sufficient. The authors of this article commenting on the latest judgment of the Court of Appeal in Warsaw of December 2013 feel that it is incorrect and incompatible with the appropriate EU secondary legislation.